Measuring the Impact of SEO on Brand Awareness

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Ever wonder if your SEO efforts are actually making a splash in the vast ocean of the internet? Well, measuring the impact of SEO on brand awareness is like being a detective. You're looking for clues that tell you whether people are noticing your brand. Let's put on our detective hats and start the investigation, shall we?

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1. The Clue of Search Rankings

First up, search rankings. This is your brand's position in the search results. Imagine it's like a shelf in a supermarket. The higher your products (aka your website) are on the shelf, the more likely people are to grab them. Use tools to track where you rank for different keywords over time. If you're climbing up the ranks, it's a sure sign your SEO is working. You're getting more eyeballs, and folks are starting to know your name. High-five!

2. The Mystery of Website Traffic

Next, let's talk about website traffic. This is all about how many people stroll through your virtual doors. Tools like Google Analytics are your best friends here. They show how many visitors you're getting, where they're coming from, and what they're doing on your site. If you see more folks visiting, especially through organic search, your brand is getting noticed. It's like throwing a party and seeing more guests arrive because they've heard how awesome it is. Party on!

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3. The Secret Messages of Engagement

Engagement is where things get juicy. It's not just about getting people to visit; it's about getting them to interact. Are they liking your posts, commenting, and sharing? Are they spending time reading your content or bouncing faster than a rubber ball? Higher engagement means people aren't just noticing your brand; they're getting into it. They're listening to what you have to say and telling their friends about it. It's like becoming the popular kid in school because you've got the best stories.

4. Deciphering the Code of Brand Searches

Brand searches are a big deal. This is when people type your brand's name directly into search engines. It's a strong signal that your brand is sticking in their minds. You can track this through increases in search volume for your brand name. It's like people knowing your name at a party without needing to wear a name tag. You're becoming a known face in the crowd, and that's pretty cool.

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5. The Treasure Map of Backlinks

Backlinks are like treasure maps. They're links from other websites pointing to yours. More backlinks from reputable sites mean your brand is getting noticed and respected. It's like other ships in the sea pointing their compasses towards you, saying, "Hey, there's treasure over there!" Keep an eye on the number and quality of backlinks. It's a sign your SEO is guiding folks right to your doorstep.

6. Putting It All Together

Now, let's step back and look at the big picture. Measuring the impact of SEO on brand awareness isn't just about numbers and graphs. It's about seeing your brand grow, becoming a familiar face, and earning a spot in people's hearts. And the best part? It's a journey. As you keep tweaking your SEO, you'll see changes. Some days you'll leap forward, and some days you'll inch along. But every step is progress.

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7. Wrapping Up the Investigation

So, there you have it, fellow detectives. Measuring the impact of SEO on brand awareness is about piecing together clues, celebrating the wins, and always being curious. Keep tracking, keep analyzing, and most importantly, keep being awesome. Your brand has stories to tell and places to go. With a bit of detective work, you'll see just how much of an impact you're making. Here's to making your brand the talk of the town!

8. Multi-Channel. Why not?

Most businesses grow their business and are content with where they are. Then enters the lockdown. All hell breaks loose. Sales are touching zero and it’s not in your control. It’s going to be a challenge to move ahead and win in the business world again. The key to this is to go multi-channel. Businesses were already doing this before the lockdown. Some have succeeded in saving their business from complete closure. Some have tried new channels post the lockdown. Some have started gaining the much needed positive results.

Multi-Channel. Why not?
Bonus: Embrace Your Human Side

9. Bonus: Embrace Your Human Side

The Coronavirus pandemic has made us realize the Human side of Business. It’s not about performance, productivity and sales. It’s a lot to do with the emotions, respect, trust and empathy. Businesses should bring back the human touch. Their people, customers and the world at large need to turn human-centric. It's time to bring empathy back into the business. Contributing to society is much needed at this point. This can be through free services and help to other businesses too. Not everyone is as fortunate as you are right now. The help makes us who we are.